Lincrusta Approved Installer

Lincrusta is the perfect product for use in commercial projects - It’s luxurious and beautiful, yet tough and durable. Launched in 1877 it was an instant success to a host of applications from Royal homes to railway carriages. Heralded as the first wall covering, it appealed to the Victorians because of its sanitary properties as well as it’s durability and ornate effects. Made from totally natural materials, it is still being produced using 100 year old traditional methods and in many cases, still the original rollers. Why not take a look at the Lincrusta website for more information and ideas at

A British invention, it was the brainchild of manufacturer Frederick Walton whose father pioneered linoleum floor covering in the 1860´s.

First Manufactured at Sandbury-on-Thames before production moved to Darwen in 1918, Lincrusta is a classic product that has never needed ‘‘improving’’, made from totally natural materials. Now manufactured in a purpose-built unit at Morcambe, Lancashire, it is produced traditionally using many of the original rollers, with the same care and attention to detail as when it was first made!

Originally launched as "Linoleum Muralis", it was subsequently re-named "Lincrusta-Walton" − Lin for Linum (flax, from which linseed oil is made) and Crusta (Relief), with the inventor´s name being added to prevent other firms using the same title.

Whether you’re looking for a chic modern décor or homely, warm rustic tones, we can help you every step of the way in decorating your home. The services we offer include Installation of Lincrusta wall coverings, painting the interior or exterior walls, wallpapering and installing coving—a decorative molding used in the upper corners of a room.

We believe interior design that is planned with care and attention and perfectly executed, can transform dull, tired rooms into sophisticated and comfortable spaces; carefully chosen colour schemes and a high caliber painter & decorator can create cosy, comfortable lounges and living rooms, bright and airy kitchens and fresh, clean bathrooms. Our team can transform dim bedrooms into plush places to relax and kids’ rooms into fun, bold retreats.

We are passionate about creating beautiful surroundings to meet customer expectations and requirements and can match your inspiration and enthusiasm with the skill and experience needed to transform your property into the home that you deserve.

Lincrusta is unequalled for its combination of classical grandeur and exceptional durability. No other wall covering has a deeper emboss or offers such timeless beauty and elegance. With new Gothic and Georgian ranges Lincrusta offers a luxurious and complete period collection. Why not check out the website for the different paint effects that can be applied to Lincrusta wall coverings.

Samples boards are available on request. Please call Kevin to discuss your requirements. Your first two samples are free and subsequent samples charged at just 60p each. (Postage charges will also apply). Alternatively you can order samples through the Lincrusta website at

Why not take the weight off your shoulders and let us do your project from start to finish . As well as being an ‘advanced’ approved installer for Lincrusta we are also recognised by Dulux us as one of the best painting and decorating firms in the UK and have been awarded ‘Dulux Select Decorator’ status. This means all of our work is underpinned by Dulux and we have a team of Dulux experts on hand to provide excellent product ranges and a comprehensive painting programme to ensure long-lasting results.

What really sets us apart from other painting and decorating firms is our passion, enthusiasm and attention to detail; we carry out all work thoroughly and meticulously, no matter how large or small the project, to produce excellent results in your home or business. We provide a high-class customer service, so you experience minimum disruption while we work to meet your every need.

We pride ourselves on our polite and honest approach and we can offer good, sound advice on all aspects of painting and decorating, based on years of practical experience, catering for a huge variety of customers.